The term adaptogen refers to substances that theoretically β€œadapt” to what your body needs and help protect against various stressors.


They are natural substances, usually herbs, that help your body adapt to physical and mental stress. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years to help calm the mind and body , balance hormones, and even improve physical performance. Adaptogens work with your body, helping to balance and regulate hormones and support your immune system.

Adaptogens are different from other nutritional supplements in that they seem to offer a cumulative effect. That means the more consistently you take them, the better they work to modulate stress, help your brain, and help your body recover.




 Shown to :

  1. Reduce blood sugar levels
  2. Reduce cortisol levels
  3. Reduce stress and anxiety
  4. Reduce symptoms of depression
  5. Increase muscle mass and strength
  6. Reduce inflammation
  7. Improve brain function and memory



 Perhaps our favorite of all of the know adaptogens. Widely available and known for its positive effects:

  1. Decrease stress
  2. Fight fatigue
  3. Reduce depression
  4. Improves brain function
  5. Improves exercise performance
  6. Control blood sugar



 One of the oldest and commonly used roots in herbal medicine.  It has been shown to:

  1. Increase energy and reduce fatigue
  2. Improve cognitive function
  3. Improve exercise performance
  4. Lower blood pressure
  5. Improve wound healing and ulcer prevention
  6. Improve lymphatic function
  7. Prevent and repair nerve damage
  8. Stabilize blood sugar