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The spirit of Reaction Recovery lives and breathes through social connection. Our platform began with an online presence where we have had the opportunity to personally speak with thousands of people. We never tire hearing about your own lived experience and unique journey from addiction to a life of purposeful recovery. Please reach out and keep the conversation going.

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We believe there are many paths to long-term sustainable recovery, however one thing that all successful attempts have in common is a quest for transparency and authenticity.

We encourage anyone to reach out with questions, comments or feedback, and we will do our best to answer. Addiction is a complicated disorder and its full recovery is a notoriously difficult thing to accomplish.

At Reaction Recovery, although we believe our unique, holistic approach to be incredibly effective, we recognize that we must always remain up-to-date and aware of the latest research so we can continue providing the most current, evidence-supported approaches to addiction treatment.

More will be revealed!

Do you have night or weekend hours?

Yes. Currently, we have openings several nights per week as well as weekends. However, please verify the latest appointment schedule to ensure appointment availability.

Do you respond on social media?

Yes. Dr. Simone handles all of his own social media and regularly corresponds directly with the public.

Do you offer free supplement information through social media?

Yes. Dr. Simone regularly posts to the public community forums and is active in the Instagram community responding in Stories to commonly asked questions about pharmaceuticals and dietary supplementation. He does not, however, make individualized recommendations to the general public.

Are you releasing new episodes of Surviving Opioids?

Surviving Opioids season 1 ended last fall, and we do plan on recording episodes for season 2 – likely late 2023.

Which is the best social media platform to contact you?

Dr. Simone is most active on Instagram.

Are there specific hours that you tell clients not to contact you?

No. A large part of the value of Reaction Recovery, and what sets us apart from the others, is the consistent and predictable text messaging access during the week. If your coach is temporarily offline, we’re never far away and will respond to your message as soon as we’re back. 

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