Our expertly selected brand recommendations come not just from scientific review, but from years of positive experiences working with people recovering from all types of chemical dependencies.

Remember to consult your healthcare team before starting any new supplement regimen.

what’s in these pages?

We believe in providing practical and trustworthy guidance on your unique recovery journey.

Our supplement pages offer distinct subsections, curated to target specific drug withdrawals and chief complaints.

Drawing from years of positive experiences working with hundreds of people in all stages of the recovery journey, we have organized for you our personalized nutrient recommendations, which include links to specific products.

Whether you’re navigating nicotine withdrawal, cannabis detox, or any other substance recovery, our well-organized categories will provide you with useful information.

Each subsection links directly to Amazon, where you can see specific brands that we have come to trust and endorse.

However, we re-emphasize consulting your healthcare team before starting any new supplement regimen to ensure safety and suitability, particularly if you are taking prescription medications.

“let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates-

Although just a tool, nutritional supplementation is remarkably powerful.

When strategically and safely leveraged, it can make a world of difference, becoming a valuable asset in the journey of addiction recovery, supporting overall well-being, and enhancing the path to lasting healing.

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Nutrition and supplementation

Nutrition and dietary supplementation offer vital tools to boost mood, energy, and alleviate post-acute withdrawal symptoms, fostering accelerated healing and enhanced chances of sustained remission.

By providing essential nutrients, they aid in restoring balance to the body and mind, supporting overall well-being during this critical phase.

We hope you find in these pages guidance towards the power of proper nourishment as a catalyst for lasting transformation on your journey to recovery.

Do you have experience with supplement guidance for addiction recovery?

Yes. We have worked with over 200 individuals and their families and nearly all have opted to include some type of nutrient supplementation into their routine.

Which dietary supplements can support my recovery?

We can not speak directly to your unique situation, however we can provide general guidance based upon the substance that may be causing the post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

What makes your supplement suggestions trustworthy and reliable?

Dr. Simone has a Doctoral degree in Pharmacy as well as national certifications in dietary supplementation review. However, our recommendations are drawn not simply from over a decade of clinical review, but from years of positive personal and observational practical experience.

Could supplements improve my mood or energy?

Often times, yes. Low energy and low mood are classic lingering symptoms of many types of post-acute withdrawal. The right supplement regimen for the right person and at the right time, can have a significantly positive impact.

Do you offer tailored guidance for post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS)?

Yes. When we work directly with an individual, we conduct a comprehensive assessment and will provide specific recommendations to consider.

What roles does nutrition play in the likelihood of sustained remission?

Although just tools, we believe that nutrition and nutrient supplementation can be critical ones in the early months after ending an addiction. They have been shown to speed up the stabilization of moods, which improves the likelihood of continued remission.

Are the supplement brands you recommend easily accessible?

Yes. Each page links to Amazon where we share a specific brand that we prefer. Typically, there are 2-3 brands per nutrient that we have come to trust and endorse. Please note that individually linked products will update based upon price and availability.

How can I ensure the safety and suitability of the recommended supplements?

We always encourage consulting your healthcare team before starting any new supplement regimen.

What other services do you provide in addition to supplement guidance?

Alongside supplement guidance, we offer personalized substance abuse counseling and health coaching programs to support you on your own unique journey.


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