The following are our favorite books on how nutrition can help support your recovery from addiction so you can feel better faster. 

Brain FooD

“Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power” is a brilliant work by Dr. Lisa Mosconi.

With her unique expertise as a neuroscientist and nutritionist, she explores how our dietary choices affect not just our physical well-being, but significantly impact our brain health too.

The book delivers an understanding of the connection between our brain and the food we consume, providing guidance on the kind of nutrition required for optimum cognitive functioning.

Notably, she highlights how a healthier diet can help improve mood and overall mental well-being – a crucial factor in combating addiction and fostering recovery.

“Even when genetic predisposition plays a major role in one’s cognitive health, food has a crucial influence on one’s genetic expression.”


  • Original Date of Publication: March 6, 2018
  • Author: Lisa Mosconi
  • Number of Pages: 368

The Healing Nutrients Within


“The Healing Nutrients Within” acts as your guide to the world of vital nutrients that can have a major impact on addiction recovery and overall health.

This book goes deep into the powerful role of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in managing brain health, stress responses, and mood regulation.

You’ll learn how these nutrients, when used effectively, can assist in easing withdrawal symptoms and paving the way for long-term recovery.

“Nature’s own mood balancers, nutrients, can bring us joy and emotional wellness, while at the same time they prevent, relieve, or cure the widespread but unnecessary mental health problems that beset us.”


  • Original Date of Publication: 2003
  • Author: Eric R. Braverman
  • Number of Pages: 449

End Your Addiction Now

“End Your Addiction Now” is a ground-breaking book that offers an insightful, scientifically driven approach to addiction recovery.

It explores the link between biochemical imbalances and addiction, showing how proper nutrition and supplementation can help correct these imbalances, curb cravings, and facilitate recovery.

This book can be a helpful tool in overcoming addictive behaviors and achieving mental wellbeing.

“Drugs and alcohol are not the root cause of addiction; they are symptoms of the other causes including fundamental biochemical and nutritional deficiencies.”

  • Original Date of Publication: 2009
  • Authors: Charles Gant, Greg Lewis
  • Number of Pages: 287

The Mood Cure

“The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross is an instructive guide that aims to reset your emotional health with natural mood-boosting elements in food.

The book presents the concept of using dietary changes and nutritional supplements to counter mood disorders, offering a unique approach to mental wellness.

It’s an excellent resource for those seeking a natural route to uplift mood and fortify their battle against addiction.

“Your mood, your sadness, your malaise, your anxiety, your joy—it’s all in your brain, and, more specifically, in the chemicals that bathe your brain, your hormones.”


  • Original Date of Publication: 2004
  • Author: Julia Ross
  • Number of Pages: 400

Seven Weeks to Sobriety

“Seven Weeks to Sobriety” by Joan Mathews Larson provides a comprehensive program that uses nutrition to alleviate cravings and restore the body to optimal health after the ravages of addiction.

With a focus on replacing addictive substances with healthy alternatives, the book stands as a helpful guide to aid individuals on their recovery journey.

“It is medical malpractice to send someone home from treatment without biochemical restoration and repair.”


  • Original Date of Publication: 1997
  • Author: Joan Mathews Larson
  • Number of Pages: 400

Eating Right to Live Sober

“Eating Right to Live Sober” by Katherine Ketcham and L. Ann Muekller illustrates how healthy dietary habits can play a crucial role in maintaining sobriety.

The book dives into the science behind nutrition and its direct link to behavioral health, mood improvement, and recovery, providing practical advice and dietary plans that can act as lifelines for those grappling with addiction.

“Not everyone realizes that nutrition can play a major role in recovery. We need to remember that what we consume affects our mood, energy levels, and overall well-being.”


  • Original Date of Publication: 1983
  • Author: Katherine Ketcham and L. Ann Mueller
  • Number of Pages: 224

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