Personal Responsibility

Start with your room.

We believe that personal responsibility is the key to long-term recovery from addiction.

Start re-organizing your life by beginning with your room.

A life of addiction can be destructive to ourselves, families, friends, and communities. Adopting a sense of responsibility is essential for successful recovery, which involves keeping our side of the street clean.

We recommend beginning the process by starting with your own room. This is a manageable task that can provide a good start to organizing your local landscape. By taking care of your immediate environment, you can then move on to bigger challenges. In a distracted age, our inability to focus on small things that we can control can lead to increased anxiety and depression. It’s hard to feel a sense of control in a world where we don’t have control over our living space.

Moving Towards A Life of Responsibility.

People who lead an addicted life eventually fall into a pattern of irresponsible living. Regardless of whether they consider themselves the cause or a helpless victim of their addiction, they know deep down that their actions are irresponsible.

To combat this behavior, it’s necessary to take daily, intentional and responsible action.

The journey towards responsible living begins by cleaning up our personal space, rather than trying to change the world.

Sigmund freud

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

Taking Responsible Action

Attract a successful recovery by taking responsible action, carrying your own load, and becoming part of the solution.

Move towards a life filled with purpose and values instead of meaningless actions. Remember, values cannot be taught, they must be lived. That’s why we recommend surrounding yourself with great mentors who can provide a vision of what is possible through their lifestyle and example.

Keep in mind that even mentors cannot give us meaning, but they can inspire us to find it within ourselves. Improve your life today by taking positive steps towards a fulfilling future.


Happiness is not the goal of recovery

We believe that dedicated commitment and purpose are the only paths to achieving lasting joy, rather than temporary happiness. Living a life of addiction can often lead to an unhealthy pursuit of expedient pleasure at the expense of responsibility and duty. Therefore, we encourage people to pursue a life filled with purpose and meaning to experience true happiness.


"Post-detox disillusionment"

If you’re experiencing “post-detox disillusionment” and feeling less happy than desired, don’t worry. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong.

You might just be on the path to meaningful recovery, which will feel bumpy at times.

Buddhism teaches that life involves suffering, but the aim is to find significance in that suffering. By transitioning from self-obsession to a brighter outlook on life, you can emerge from the dark clouds and embrace a more fulfilling existence.


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