What we believe

Recovering from alcohol and drug addiction requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses every aspect of your mental and physical well-being. Addiction is a powerful and relentless condition, sneaking its way into your life and progressing without mercy.

To truly heal, we believe in treating you as a whole person, considering every part of your being. We’re here to meet you in the trenches of everyday life because that’s where genuine recovery happens.

“Recovery happens in the trenches of everyday life.”

We are actively seeking people who would be a great fit for our services.

As part of our commitment, we are pleased to offer free 45-minute consultations. Whether you are ready to commit to a program or not, we are here to have a conversation with you and provide guidance to help you achieve your goals effectively.

Viktor Frankl

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

We believe recovery is not just possible, it’s probable.

Traditional addiction treatment has been successful in temporarily helping many people break free from addiction through detoxification facilities and short-term programs. However, the overall effectiveness in maintaining long-term separation has shown little improvement.

Fortunately, today there are more opportunities for individuals to safely separate themselves from addictive substances and start a life of recovery. Public attention, government-funded treatment options, private healthcare support, and reduced stigma surrounding addiction have all contributed to these improved prospects.

At Reaction Recovery, we offer an affordable, accessible, and unique approach to reviewing an individual’s life and recovery goals. Our aim is to create a customized action plan that helps you feel better faster and sets you on a successful path to recovery.

Based on our experience, we have found that implementing small, specific, and purposeful changes to the daily routine, coupled with accountability, can play a significant role in stabilizing the internal environment. This, in turn, reduces the risk of relapse or unsuccessful attempts at sobriety. After years or even decades of irregular and unhealthy living during addiction, it is important to acknowledge that such irregularity does not simply vanish with abstinence.

To achieve successful long-term addiction recovery, it becomes crucial to focus on stabilizing the internal environment. This encompasses all aspects of life, necessitating a comprehensive approach. Our belief is centered on the transformation of daily, repeatable actions into habits and routines that will support a successful recovery journey. By making these changes, individuals can establish the foundation for sustained progress and lasting recovery.



Keep your mind healthy by regularly exercising your brain and cultivating an insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning.



Maintaining a healthy body involves being free of disease and illness, as well as minimizing pain. Achieving bodily health is facilitated through adopting a nutritious diet, replenishing essential nutrients, and engaging in regular fitness activities. By prioritizing these practices, you can enhance your overall well-being and promote a healthier body.



Being spiritually fit means finding inner peace and connection to something greater than yourself. It brings meaning, fulfillment, and guidance to your life, transcending ego limitations. Embrace spirituality for strength, resilience, moral values, and a sense of interconnectedness. Cultivate spiritual fitness for harmony, purpose, and a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.

Drug addiction is a chronic and relapsing condition that will deteriorate the spirit, mind, and body, in that order.

In the recovery process, we often approach healing in a reverse order: body, mind, and then spirit.

Once we stop drinking or using other drugs, the body needs time to heal. This is when nutritional therapy and an appropriate supplementation protocol come into play, delivering immediate and effective results. By prioritizing the body’s healing through proper nutrition and supplementation, we lay a strong foundation for the subsequent stages of recovery.


In the trenches

12 Daily Pillars of Recovery

Through practical experience, we have identified twelve daily pillars that rebuild the body, repair the mind, and position the spirit for healing.

Our approach blends current research trends, clinical treatment considerations, and holistic methodologies with our fifteen years of practical, professional, social, and personal experience in addiction.

Waiting for physicians to become educated, federal government programs to realign, treatment programs to adjust, and legislative action to protect individuals in drug recovery is not a viable option.

It is crucial for individuals to take responsibility and proactively change their daily behaviors to align with a long-term recovery approach.

At Reaction Recovery, we prioritize practical solutions rather than focusing solely on psychotherapy or delving into the root causes of addiction. While there is a time and place for deeper introspection, we believe that talk therapy and spiritual work are most effective when the mind and body are stabilized through healthy, repeatable daily habits. By addressing and minimizing potential barriers to stable recovery, we enhance the overall effectiveness of the recovery process.

a word about physical dependency:

Please note that Reaction Recovery is not an acute detoxification service. If a detoxification from a chemical dependency is required, please seek medical attention.